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30 Dec 2022 - Cosmic Sparkle visited Dunwood Manor between Christmas and New Year to bring a bit of fun to the residents, everyone sang along and it was lovely to see the smile on their faces. (Dunwood Manor Nursing Home)

28 Dec 2022 - Always great to see you, residents love the banter and singing, getting involved and having fun. Come back soon. (Little Brook House)

20 Dec 2022 - On Tuesday we had Cosmic Sparkle. The residents all loved singing along with Cosmic Sparkle and she spent time with each and every one. Cosmic Sparkle sang a range of Christmas songs from across the generations ensuring there was something for everyone to enjoy. (New Forest Nursing Home)

20 Dec 2022 - What a great morning at the Horrill Care and Wellbeing Centre with entertainment from Cosmic Sparkle, brilliant as usual with lots of singing and dancing. (Horrill Care and Wellbeing Centre)

19 Dec 2022 - Final 2 days of Christmas Dinners. With more entertainment provided by Cosmic Sparkle! Oh, we do love to be together and an impromptu conga added to the fun! (Kingfisher Day Centre)

08 Dec 2022 - As always EXCELLENT :):):):) (Andover Nursing Home)

07 Dec 2022 - Thank you for another great day of entertainment. The residents enjoyed the music, singing and laughter. Always a pleasure to have Cosmic Sparkle make our day fun. (Little Brook House)

06 Dec 2022 - Today was Broadmeads Christmas party. The residents enjoyed a beautiful buffet lunch and then a wonderful afternoon of live entertainment and singing and dancing. We all felt extremely festive and full at the end of the day. (Broadmead Rest Home)

06 Dec 2022 - Lovely afternoon with Cosmic Sparkle yesterday AKA Mrs Claus (Brackenlea Care Home)

01 Dec 2022 - Brilliant entertainment. Robyn's music gets us up and dancing, and in a feel good mood. Fun, glamorous and top quality vocals. Highly recommended. (Belford House)

01 Dec 2022 - On Monday we had a visit from the wonderful Cosmic Sparkle. A fabulous afternoon's entertainment. (Cedars Care Home)

25 Nov 2022 - Sorry I missed the show but was informed it was 10/10 again. Thank u (Northlands House)

18 Nov 2022 - The residents and staff had a fantastic time singing and dancing along to Cosmic Sparkle. Robyn is vibrant and engages with the residents beautifully. We look forward to the next Friday dance party! (Holmwood Residential Home)

14 Nov 2022 - Today we had the Wonderful Cosmic Sparkle in. They really are a favourite with all of us and always get us moving and grooving!! (Old Alresford Cottage)

10 Nov 2022 - Our residents absolutely love you. (Parker Meadows)

07 Nov 2022 - We all had a fabulous afternoon the residents loved it !! the staff too. We will definitely be booking you again. (The Firs)

04 Nov 2022 - Cosmic Sparkle you are fantastic I would recommend you any time. (Manager of Old Alresford Cottage)

03 Nov 2022 - Cosmic Sparkle are fab. (Relative of Resident at Brackenlea)

02 Nov 2022 - Lovely afternoon with Cosmic Sparkle yesterday. (Brackenlea Care Home)

30 Oct 2022 - Cosmic Sparkle always an absolute delight. Toe tapping, hand clapping and dancing the afternoon away. (Facebook comment)

28 Oct 2022 - Our residents love to have Cosmic Sparkle come and entertain us. Robyn always gets them tapping their toes, clapping their hands and those who are able are always up dancing. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who needs a bit of sunshine, glamour, fun and well known tunes in their home. (The Cedars Nursing Home)

26 Oct 2022 - Robyn and Michael are totally professional in their entertainment, always interacting with kindness and understanding of our residents. Robyn has an amazing voice and has a wide repertoire of songs, to suit all tastes. We would highly recommend them. (Belford House)

25 Oct 2022 - Thank you so much for today we all had so much fun. (Brookvale House Care Home)

24 Oct 2022 - Thank you very much for coming today, it was another super afternoon of top quality entertainment, which many residents really enjoyed. (Belford House)

17 Oct 2022 - Thank you for making our residents happy (Westholme Care Home)

13 Oct 2022 - Residents had a fantastic time at Little Brook House, they were singing and dancing with staff throughout the session. Thank you both for a great entertaining afternoon. Hope to see you again soon. (Little Brook House)

10 Oct 2022 - It really is a pleasure to have you in the home. (Bayith Rest Home)

22 Sep 2022 - Amazing entertainment. (Little Brook House)

21 Sep 2022 - We had the amazing Cosmic Sparkle in and we love to sing along xxx (Little Brook House)

16 Sep 2022 - Thank you very much for another wonderful performance from Cosmic Sparkle, we thoroughly enjoyed it. (Belford House)

15 Sep 2022 - What can I say, as always absolutely fantastic. We love you x (Andover Nursing Home)

08 Sep 2022 - Our residents and staff thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Robyn and Mike were both very friendly, entertaining and professional. We are looking forward to them coming back and performing for us again. Thank you so much. (Maypole)

07 Sep 2022 - Cosmic Sparkle came to visit our residents this week. They sang some favourite tunes that the residents requested and our residents also enjoyed a refreshment or two. (The Grange Nursing Home, Sherborne St John)

05 Sep 2022 - The residents at Waverley Lodge Nursing Home had another amazing visit from the singer Cosmic Sparkle! As usual, residents had a great time dancing and singing along. (Waverley Lodge)

03 Sep 2022 - So professional. Robyn has an amazing voice and varies her song list which was great. Michael and Robyn adhered to our homes Covid regulations and used a screen which worked well and enabled us to remain safe and meet care home regulations. In my 18 yrs of being a lifestyle lead in care homes I can honestly say, Cosmic Sparkle are fantastic and we hope to book with them many more times. They went over and above in singing happy birthday to the home's manager too on the day. (Broadmead Rest Home)

03 Sep 2022 - Cosmic Sparkle you are the best xx (White Lodge Rest Home)

02 Sep 2022 - Thank you both so much for today, myself and the residents had the best time really we did.
You're such a beautiful couple and Robyn you are simply amazing, you even made me cry today.
You are so talented and I've been head lifestyle lead in care homes for 18 yrs now and never have we had such an enjoyable experience as you brought to us today. (Broadmead Rest Home)

22 Aug 2022 - Last Thursday we had Cosmic Sparkle come in and entertain us. We had a fab morning of singing, dancing and good times. Very much enjoyed by all (Horrill Care & Wellbeing Centre)

17 Aug 2022 - We highly recommend Cosmic Sparkle. They created a wonderful atmosphere, getting the staff and residents singing and totally engaged for an hour's fantastic live entertainment. Thank you Mike and Robyn, you are a dynamic duo. (Belford House)

14 Aug 2022 - Cosmic Sparkle will get you dancing highly recommend (Brackenlea Care Home)

14 Aug 2022 - Looking good. Highly recommend Cosmic Sparkle . Robyn and Mike have entertained us for many years. Wouldn't do a party without them x (Private Party)

11 Aug 2022 - At Waverley Lodge we had a visit from a lovey entertainer called Cosmic Sparkle. Residents had an amazing time and loved listening to a wide range of songs, Matt and Paul even got up dancing! (Waverley Lodge)

09 Aug 2922 - Everyone agreed that our summer fate was absolutely fabulous. Thank you to everyone who came and made it so special. Cosmic Sparkle did a great job entertaining us with some of our favourite songs. (Cedars Care Home)

07 Aug 2022 - Thank you so much Robyn and Mike for making Derek's birthday such a special day (Private Party)

07 Aug 2022 - Just had Auntie **** on the phone waxing lyrical about what a lovely afternoon she had on Wednesday. How much she enjoyed Robyn's singing and seeing you both. Thought you'd like to know! (Niece of resident at Abbotswood Court)

02 Aug 2022 - Thank you for a fantastic performance our residents really enjoyed it. (Abbotswood Court)

25 Jul 2022 - Thank you Robyn and Mike, aka Cosmic Sparkle, for a wonderful afternoon of entertainment , bringing the sunshine in. Cosmic Sparkle brought in the sunshine. A wonderful selection of songs across the genres, from classical, country and modern day ballads as well as party favourites. Robyn's voice is so easy to listen to and her whole performance brought joy, with her colourful outfit and cheerful interaction with the residents. We highly recommend Cosmic Sparkle to brighten up your day.(Belford House)

23 Jul 2022 - So Talented. I just love your voice (SoundCloud Listener)

23 Jul 2022 - You're amazing (SoundCloud Listener)

22 Jul 2022 - Such a pleasure as always to have you at The Andover Nursing Home. Excellent entertainment we love you. (Andover Nursing Home)

21 Jul 2022 - It has been a lovely day and it's lovely to see families chatting and laughing.... Cosmic Sparkle you were absolutely amazing. (Brackenlea Care Home)

16 Jul 2022 - I hear you were amazing on Saturday (Little Brook House)

17 Jul 2022 - Thank you for today - You were fabulous - A very sexy lady (The Grange Nursing Home)

13 Jul 2022 - I would just like to say thank you for your visit and all the residents really enjoyed it. Please can you email me your availability again for next year so that I can book more sessions in. (Waverley Lodge)

13 Jul 2022 - Today we welcomed back Cosmic Sparkle after two and a half years. Cosmic Sparkle is a singer who sing songs from all eras and styles, she was a regular here before Covid and to finally have an entertainer back was amazing. The residents all joined together in the garden for an hour of singing and dancing. We are really looking forward to welcoming her back in soon! (St Catherines View)

07 Jul 2022 - Cosmic sparkle certainly put the sparkle back in to the residents at Brackenlea. xx

07 Jul 2022 - Brilliant well done Cosmic Sparkle and a round of applause to the residents and staff. (David Pepper)

09 Jun 2022 - Great to see you back and as usual a first class performance. (Northlands House)

08 Jun 2022 - It's not just the residents that look forward to Mike and Robyn visiting. All the staff do! They really know how to liven up an afternoon with Robyn's fantastic voice and the lovely personalities and comedy from the couple. I wish we could have them in every day! (Old Alresford Cottage)

07 Jun 2022 - Thank you ever so much for yours and Robyn's time last Thursday. The residents had a fantastic time and are still talking about it now! (Abbotts Barton Care Home)

05 Jun 2022 - Fabulous afternoon with special quests. Thank u Glen park for a beautiful afternoon. Cosmic Sparkle. U definitely did that. Huge thank-you (Private Party)

25 May 2022 - What a great day at the Horrill Care and Wellbeing Centre we had Cosmic Sparkle in to entertain us this morning and we loved singing and dancing along to all their songs. (Horrill Care & Wellbeing Centre)

25 May 2022 - Absolutely brilliant as usual, we love you xx (Andover Nursing Home)

25 Apr 2022 - Thank you for coming in, sorry I missed you, everyone really enjoyed your visit. (Cedars Nursing Home)

15 Apr 2022 - At our New Forest Nursing Home in Fritham we kicked off our Easter Celebrations with the fantastic Cosmic Sparkle. (New Forest Nursing Home)

06 Apr 2022 - We've had a lovely week this week. Cosmic Sparkle came to entertain us. (The Kingfisher Day Centre)

23 Mar 2022 - Cosmic Sparkle always makes us smile x (Little Brook House)

22 Mar 2022 - Cosmic Sparkle came to dazzle us with a variety of hits, The sun was shining and our maracas were out! (Speedwell Court)

21 Mar 2022 - We had the fantastic Cosmic Sparkle come to the home to cheer us up with some lively classics from decades past. The residents loved it and really enjoyed having a boogie! (Old Alresford Cottage)

21 Mar 2022 - Just wanted to say it was so nice to meet you and thank you for a wonderful afternoon. You were fantastic! (Old Alresford Cottage)

18 Mar 2022 - Thank you for today's concert (it was) was brilliant. (The Hawthorns)

14 Mar 2022 - Fantastic afternoon with Cosmic Sparkle. Residents and team members sang along to the voice of Robyn from Cosmic Sparkle! She is always a favourite to sing along with. (Parker Meadows)

02 Mar 2022 - Received fantastic feedback as always so thanks to you both. (Milford Manor & Little Manor)

22 Feb 2022 - We all enjoyed having you back after such a trying time. All the residents said how they enjoyed seeing and hearing from you again. Can't wait till the next time. (Rothsay Grange Care Home)

18 Feb 2022 - What a brilliant time we had the other day with you both. Singing and dancing. You always make everyone smile & a pleasure to listen to. Known you both for a long time doing this & not a dull moment. Love the different songs you sing & Coldplay just the other day! You both are amazing. Never disappointed & as I said, a pleasure to listen too & to know. See you real soon again. (The Hawthorns)

31 Jan 2022 - On Monday 31st January 2022 - our residents and staff at The Firs were entertained by the lovely duo - Cosmic Sparkle. All the staff and even a few of the residents were up dancing and singing to all the well known songs. Great feedback received from all the residents and staff - we shall definiteley be inviting Robyn and Mike back soon! (The Firs Care Home)

28 Jan 2022 - A massive thank you to Robyn and you, We have had great feedback from the homes they really enjoyed the sessions. (Kimberly West & Holmwood)

17 Jan 2022 - Robyn made the Celebration of the Life of my husband truly memorable for all of us - and enjoyable! Many thanks to Robyn and Michael!

16 Jan 2022 - Very many thanks indeed for your magnificent performance yesterday! It was a great success and especial pleasure for me. I heard that you are booked for the Queen's Jubilee, everyone is in for a treat, congratulations! (Private Party)