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I am Robyn, a full-time professional female singer based in Winchester, Hampshire and I am known as "Cosmic Sparkle" which is also the registered trademark of my Company. I'm supported by my husband Mike, who is my driver, co-director and sound engineer and we have been entertaining in Care Homes, Friendship & Social Clubs for over 10 years.

We have over 420 positive reviews so please take time to read some of them.

This is my latest review: 19 Jul 2024 - Cosmic Sparkle really did Sparkle, Our residents loved the afternoon with everybody singing and dancing along to the wonderful music. We will be booking again very soon. (Brendoncare Froxfield)

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My aim is to connect with my audience, igniting music memories, singing along, dancing or just enjoying the rhythm and movement and I have a vast repetoire of over 2500 songs from Vintage, Country & Western, Swing, Jazz, Reggae, Ska, Broadway Shows, Rock & Roll, Pop, Singalongs and so much more. I also love to introduce forgotten songs to my audiences.

Together with my husband we present a show of top quality sound, a huge variety of songs and a whole lot of enjoyment and we increasingly use bespoke backing tracks, created by real musicians and specifically licensed for performances by us.

My singing has been heard all over the world by over 7000 listeners on SoundCloud since 2015.

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My show is all about embracing the diversity of my audience, venue staff and visitors so that everyone can be involved and feel uplifted. I wear a different dress for each performance, usually with lots of petticoats and a sprinkling of glamour. This visual extravaganza encourages conversations and shared experiences with our audience.

We both have enhanced DBS certification, £10,000,000 Public & Performer Liability Insurance and fully PAT tested mains powered equipment for those rare occasions we need powerful sound re-inforcement as our regular equipment is now battery/self-contained.

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COVID-19 INFORMATION (Updated 12th November 2023)

Important COVID Update:

We operate as a professional entertainment company compliant with current Covid-19 guidelines including HM Gov 15 Dec 2022 advice regarding Covid-19 infection prevention and control for adult social care effective 22nd Dec 2022 and follow supplement dated 3rd April 2023 (updated 27th September 2023) guidlines.

We undertake Lateral Flow tests at least once a week to ensure the safety of carers and our audiences. Robyn and Mike are fully jabbed and all our LF tests are photographed to provide evidence of the current last test if asked.

We will, if specifically requested, wear face masks whilst moving through venues but during Robyn's performance we will not wear masks or face shields which means Robyn is able to interact more closely with her audience whilst still maintaining social distancing where appropriate.