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Our Cancellation Policy

Individual dates:

We accept that there might be times when you will need to cancel us. Historically we have never charged a cancellation fee as we understand there can be many factors forcing cancellation such as illness, budgetary shortages or other situations within the venue. This works both ways as, on rare occasions, we may have to cancel for personal reasons.

Specific venues:

We rely on active input from staff when entertaining in Care Homes as without such social interaction our performances are less than they could be for the audience. We have no way of knowing which residents can stand, dance unaided or have any existing medical conditions etc..

With audience personal safety and enjoyment in mind, we regularly review all our venues and reserve the right to cancel specific venues at our discretion. This is very rare and will always be done with prior notice and our reasons will be fully explained.

Our equipment (Updated 7th May 2023)

Our equipment has changed dramatically since the start of Covid-19 and has been updated again at the beginning of May 2023. The Care Home kit we normally carry contains spares of everything so if anything fails we have the resilience to continue performing.

Our battery operated PA systems have performed faultlessly for three years but are gradually being phased out so we will require external power for most venues again, but we will provide our own RCD (Residual Current Device) and up to 300' extension cables.

With regard to Infection Control please do not ask to use any of Cosmic Sparkle's dedicated microphones. We do carry other sanitized Shure microphones which can be installed and used for audience participation if required but please ask beforehand as they are not normally brought into the venue.


Cosmic Sparkle has five dedicated microphones and two different vocal processor setups:

(1) Shure beta 58A super cardioid digital microphone wirelessly linked to a vocal processor which is then connected to her main speaker system.
(2) Sennheiser E935 dynamic microphone wirelessly linked to a vocal processor which is then connected to her main speaker system.
(3) Sennheiser E945 dynamic super cardioid microphone wirelessly linked to a vocal processor which is then connected to her main speaker system.
(4) Shure beta 58A super cardioid digital microphone, wirelessly linked via Shure GLXD4 receiver to a vocal processor which is then connected to her main speaker system.
(5) Line 6 THH12 dynamic digital microphone linked via Line 6 XD-V55 which is then connected to her main speaker system.

We carry two different wireless links. A Boss WL-30XLR system and an Alto Professional Stealth system.

The two vocal processors are a Boss VE-5 Vocal Performer or a TC HELICON Voicelive Touch. They have different harmonising abilities so are selected according to the set-list, venue and audience.

The GLXD4 and Line 6 XD-V55 receivers and the TC HELICON Voicelive Touch are usually mains powered but we carry a portable battery pack which can be used to power them.

She also uses a Bose S1 Pro as a floor monitor system if there is room in the venue.

We may also, from time to time with the home's permission, use our Zoom H6 portable recorder to record entire audio of a performance and some of these recorded songs may be made freely available on our SoundCloud platform at a later date. (No audience involvement or video is recorded)


For most Care Homes we are now using a mains powered LD Maui G28 G2 Column Speaker system. For smaller venues we can still use our fully portable battery LD MAUI 5 GO 100 or Bose S1 Pro speakers which do not require access to power sockets.

For large (stage) venues we have a full PA sound system based around a matched pair of Alto Black speakers and an Allen & Heath ZED12FX mixing desk which can be linked to the venue's front of house system if required.
We also have two bass sub cabinets and three Alto stage monitors for these large venues.
Live performance recordings can be made using our portable Zoom H6 digital recorder.


Lighting (mostly used only in darker months or rooms) can vary from a reactive LED Table Star Cloth, simple glowing pin-lights and/or LED mushroom effect to a full-on 300 metre 3D RGB Laser and everything in between, including performer stage lighting and a 3m x 2m fully reactive LED stage backcloth.

NOTE: We will not use any strobe or laser lighting effects if advised that any member of the audience suffers from photosensitive epilepsy, and LED spotlights or lasers (if used) will never be directed into the audience.